What Is Included

Supplemental Youth Sabbath School Ideas

The standard Youth Sabbath School materials contains a Student Lesson and a Teacher’s Guide. In addition to these materials provided by the General Conference Sabbath School Department, the North American Division Youth Department is providing supplemental materials you may choose to add to this lesson. Think in terms of your specific setting and the young people at your Youth Sabbath School. As you seek to involve them in the study and application of the Bible for this week, prayerfully pick and choose the components that will form the Youth Sabbath School for your young people. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as you make your plan, and then continue to be sensitive for the Holy Spirit to guide you during the Sabbath School.

Here is what you will find each week. You can pick and choose, use “as is” or adapt to your specific Youth Sabbath School. These supplemental ideas provide more options for the topic for each week.

Here’s a brief description of the seven supplemental materials:

  1. Opening activity
    An icebreaker or something to get people focused as you begin.
  2. Video clip and follow-up questions
    A short video clip and an idea for you to create your own video on this week’s topic, plus a few questions to follow up with discussion.
  3. Music
    It’s best if you create your own and choose what’s best in your setting. We are not endorsing a particular style or even a specific song. Select songs related to this week’s lesson. We’ll suggest several different songs with lyrics that relate to the topic for this week. Sing along with a prerecorded track (YouTube is a good source) or better yet, ask youth with musical talent to play instruments and lead the singing.
  4. Bible study guides for Scripture for this lesson
    This is another approach to the same topic found in Teacher’s Guide, but approached from a different angle. Expect activities to illustrate the topic, followed by some questions.
  5. Youth leader tip for the week
    This bonus is just for the youth leader—a quick tip and an illustration to enhance your youth leadership.  You may already know this, or you may learn it through trial and error.   Here's a way to get it with a quick infusion.
  6. Bonus rotation
    This "bonus rotation" item rotates each week of the month.  The first week is an outreach or mission component.  The second week is a Q&A with a question teens are asking with a response from a youth pastor.  The third week is "Teens Trending"—a collection of youth stats to keep you "in the know" as a youth leader.  The fourth week is resources for youth leaders, such as books, online sources, videos, or other helpful items for you.  If there is a fifth Sabbath in a month, we'll give you another Teen Q&A.